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Better Than Your Average Gym

At CrossFit training in Pittsburgh, you will be able to transform your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our programs are designed for anyone who wants to get into shape or improve their fitness level.

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You’re already concerned about

Concerned About Commitments


CrossFit Training Motivation


CrossFit Pittsburgh Schedule


CrossFit Gym Assurance


CrossFit Gyms Budget


We’ll address all
your doubts

  • Am I currently fit enough to start?
  • Will it fit into my schedule?
  • Is it safe for me to do?
  • Can I budget for it?
  • What’s the process to start?
  • Will it benefit me?

We’re Here To Help
& Support You

  • Join people just like you
  • Feel the benefits of moving again
  • Build up your confidence
  • Feel positive with your new change
  • Break your old bad habits
  • We’re your accountability partner

Our Proven Programs

When it comes to CrossFit coaches in Pittsburgh, you couldn’t find a more experienced or dedicated team. We’re regular, down-to-earth folks (no meatheads here) who want the best for you and who just happen to be incredibly good at getting people into the best shape of their lives.

Private Personal

Our one-on-one private coaching is designed to help you perfect form and technique, stay on track, and reach your goals faster.

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Small Group
CrossFit Classes

Our small group CrossFit sessions are a great way to meet like-minded people and get the best from every workout.

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1 on 1 Nutrition

Nutrition counseling that will teach you how to maximize a healthy diet that fits with your lifestyle.

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Getting Started With Industrial Athletics Is Easy…

Step One : Schedule Your Free Intro
Schedule your free intro with one of our professional friendly coaches
Step Two: Develop A Personalized Training Plan
We’ll develop a personalized training plan for you
Discover A New Fitter and Healthier You
Discover a new fitter, healthier and happier YOU

We’ve Helped 1000+ Pittsburgh Locals Like You

unlock your true potential

Schedule your free intro today to see how CrossFit Pittsburgh has helped people of all ages and abilities push the limits of what they thought were capable.

Free Guide (worth $19!)

3 Simple Diet Hacks To Building a Better Body

Looking for the perfect diet guide to kick start your fitness journey? Download our free guide today, your body will love you for it!

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Three Simple Diet Hacks To Building A Better Body: Industrial Athletics