Great Training Starts With YOU

CrossFit training in Pittsburgh that you’ll WANT to do because our programs are made just for you.

You Want to Do This, But It’s The Same Story Every Time…

No Time to

You set yourself some great fitness goals but your schedule gets in the way every time.

Large Groups Are Not Your Thing

Being caught up and lost in a storm of bodies, loud music, and utter chaos isn’t for you.

You Don’t Know What To Do

Before you even enter the gym you convince yourself that you won’t know what to do or that you’ll do it wrong. And so you don’t go.

We Know You Can Do This. Period.

We have helped so many of our clients to discover their true potential. It just takes the right approach and the right team.

The Best Hour of Our Clients’ Day

At Industrial Athletics Our members make the time for every workout because they enjoy it, have fun and see awesome results that keep them motivated.

You’ve Got Our Undivided Attention

Our small group sessions and one-on-one private training make every session about you. Be part of a great community, and never lost in the crowd.

We Show You What to Do

Forget the guesswork. From teaching you form to range of motion, we won’t rest until you’ve got those CrossFit fundamentals down.

World-Class Coaches and All-Round Nice People

We understand the struggle when it comes to finding the right place to train and the time to train. When it comes to CrossFit coaches in Pittsburgh, you couldn’t find a more experienced or dedicated team. We’re regular, down-to-earth folks (no meatheads here) who want the best for you and who just happen to be incredibly good at getting people into the best shape of their lives.

Prescriptive Programs That Get Results

We’ve helped countless clients to hit their fitness goals with our prescriptive approach to training.

Client-Focused Workouts

Forget workout dread. We create CrossFit workouts that you will look forward to and love performing.

Expertise in Every Discipline

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build stamina, or build muscle, our coaches have the expertise and drive to help you get there.

Meet The Team

It Doesn’t Matter When You Start. You Just Need to Start.

Step 1

Book Your Free
Intro Call

Schedule a free intro call with one of our coaches and discover why our CrossFit training in Pittsburgh is different to anything you’ve tried before.

Step 2

Get Your Personalized Program

We create personal training programs aligned with your goals and which include regular goal review sessions with your coach.

Step 3

See Results, Have Fun, Feel Supported

It’s the results that will keep you pushing on. Every workout we create is designed to get you great results week after week.

The Programs That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

Get closer to your goals with our tailored programs, fun community and flexible schedules.

Small Group CrossFit Classes

Our small group CrossFit sessions are a great way to meet like-minded people and get the best from every workout.

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Private Personal Coaching

Our one-on-one private coaching is designed to help you perfect form and technique, stay on track, and reach your goals faster.

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Forged Steel Weightlifting Club

Introductory and advanced programs for improving technique, entering into the sport of Olympic weightlifting or preparing for competition.

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3 Simple Diet Hacks To Building a Better Body

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3 Simple Diet Hacks To Building a Better Body

Get Instant Access To Industry Secrets Most Fitness Professionals Don’t Want You To Know!

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happy clients

Our members’ success is our success. Here are some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our CrossFit family here at Industrial Athletics. We love to see our members crush their goals!