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Do you ever wonder how some people seem to always get it done? They make it to the gym no matter what. It may seem like they’re constantly in a winning season. Maybe they have it easier than others. Staying motivated can be difficult at times where you feel like you’re not making progress quickly enough.  Today’s newsletter will walk you through some tips on staying consistent when you’re not feeling motivated. 

Set a Goal

Setting a goal can help keep you motivated. This may also allow you to create new habits or to learn a new skill. Make decisions and choices based on the goal. If your choice is going to take you away from the goal, think twice. For long term goals, make sure to set reminders to check in on your progress. Also, be willing to adjust and switch direction if you needed. Give yourself grace while also staying determined to achieve the goal. Get an accountability partner as that may help to hold you accountable. Working with a coach to help set goals is also an option as well. Remember it is important to celebrate after you achieve each goal.

Do an Event or Challenge

Signing up for a race, challenge, or competition can add some diversity into your routine. Training for an event can be very time consuming. This may require some extra effort in a few areas such as diet and nutrition, fitness, and sleep. Be prepared to increase the effort in each of these areas for optimum success. Since some training cycles can last for months, continue to check-in with your progress as often as needed. 

Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others and their progress. Everyone is running their own race in the gym and in life. It is unrealistic to compare your body, progress, or skillset against someone other than yourself. Your comparison should only be against who you were the day before. Measure yourself in how you are progressing but do not allow it to become overwhelming. Change can be slow but continue to track progress to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction.