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1 Year Anniversary Party!!!

It is our 1 yr Anniversary Party!!!  The day will start at 9am with the following team WOD completed in teams of 4.  Once everyone gets through the WOD, we will start the Pot-luck cookout.

For those who don’t know, Kevin and Marisa Leech used to be dedicated members of ours.  Kevin built most of our space.  They were there from day 1. Then, Marisa got pregnant and they have taken a break from the gym.  This WOD will now be named for their baby boy.

The CrossFit Alloy 1 yr Anniversary WOD for 4/5/2014:


For Time:
Run 500m
40 Chest to Bar Pullups
60 Double Unders
80 Power Cleans (135/95)
100 Pushups
120 Push Press (75/55)
140 Burpees
160 Wall Balls Over Pullup Bar
180 Back Squats (135/95)

The WOD will be completed in teams of 4.  Each team member must complete an equal number of reps.  However, the working athlete must change every 5 reps.  Each team will be assigned one men’s bar and one women’s bar.  The team is responsible for adjusting the weight.  Also, come prepared to “Protect” Baby Leech during the WOD.

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  • TheDude says:

    It was a really fun WOD, and a terrific party. I think Susan, Rafa, Steve and I finished around 36:30. I can’t believe so many of you opted for the 2.5k afterwards.