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5 Summer Nutrition Tips

With summer time comes warm weather. That means people are getting outside, getting together, and traveling. Cookouts and BBQs are a common theme in summer get togethers. That means food is around . . . a lot. It is really easy to let go and relax on your healthy diet over the summer when you are surrounded by sauce covered meats, more potato salad than you knew existed, and tons of sweets. Who doesn’t love the nightly ice cream stop on vacation?

So, we wanted to share a few tips you can use to keep on track with your healthy diet. Sometimes, knowing what to expect and proper preparation can go a long way to helping you maintain control around temptation. As a bonus tip, keep yourself from going for long periods without eating. Those moments of extreme hunger will lead to binging. These tips still allow you to indulge a little. However, everything in moderation.

5 Summer Nutrition Tips

  1. Stay Hydrated – drink lots and lots of water. Pick up a water bottle at the store and challenge yourself to see how many times each day you can fill it up and drink it down. Thirst is often mistaken as hunger. As such, you may move toward food when you really just need to drink some water. Also, water in your stomach can help you feel full. That will help you grab less food at the cookout buffet table.
  2. Load Up on Veggies – When you have the opportunity to build you own plate, fill most of it first with veggies. Look around for raw veggies or the option with the least amount of added sauces. When you don’t have space on your plate for other food, your portions will automatically be smaller. When you are ordering, and someone else is preparing your plate, get the veggie side dishes.
  3. Keep a Snack With You At All Times – This one will help you control your hunger levels throughout the day. You want to avoid getting to the cookout and thinking to yourself, “Boy, I am starving. I haven’t eaten all day.” Keeping a snack with you, and eating throughout the day will keep your hunger hormones in check.
  4. Plan to Go Low Carb – After you fill your plate with veggies from tip # 2 above, turn next to the meat options. We are not advocates of low carb diets like Keto, but a Keto mindset when you are out of your regular routine can help keep down your carbs, sugar, and calories. Additionally, lots of veggies and meat will fill you up faster and keep you fuller longer. That means less trips to the food tables.
  5. Mix It Up With Something New – Summer is a great time for an abundance of different fruits and veggies. “Eat the rainbow.” Vacations are a great time to try something new. Never had clams before? Give them a shot next time you are on your beach vacation. Go to local farmer’s markets to find local fruits and veggies you might not have available to you at home. Cookouts are a great time to try a little sample of something new without having to make a huge portion of it you don’t like it.

Summer is a time for activity, friends, travel, and exploration. Being healthy doesn’t mean being boring. You can be just a creative and adventurous. Use the tips above to keep an eye on your health while having fun in the warmer weather.