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5 Vacation Exercise Ideas

It’s vacation season at the time we are writing this article. In fact, it is the first vacation season after COVID 19 shut everything down in 2020. Thus, even more people are flocking to vacation land this summer for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

When it comes to vacation, keeping a normal routine can be hard. That’s especially true for a workout routine. If you get up early to get to the gym before work each day, chances are you are going to sleep through that time while on vacation. Instead of leaving work and heading to the gym, you’ll probably be still sitting on the beach. For those who want to maintain an exercise routine, here are 5 vacation exercise ideas. The goal is to help you stay active while also enjoying the surrounding area of wherever you go.

  1. Go For An “Early” Run: Early is a relative term while on vacation. However, setting an alarm 45 minutes before everyone else gets up shouldn’t be a huge deal. That gives you plenty of time to get in a good run before your day gets super busy. Bonus: running is a great way to take in the surrounding sites and everything looks better when the sun is rising.
  2. Walk Everywhere You Can: Why drive if you can walk? Sure, it might take you longer to get there. But, you are on vacation. Why are you in a rush? Additionally, like running, walking gives you a great opportunity to take in the sites around you.
  3. Play a Game: This one is especially easy if you are traveling with kids. Whether you are an adult or a child, everyone loves to play a game. Make up games like who can find the most firewood in 5 minutes. Find a frisbee to throw. Exercise doesn’t have to be specific activity like running. Find a way to move and increase your heart rate.
  4. Rent Bikes: Like running and walking, going for a bike ride is a great way to see the surrounding area where you are vacationing. You can travel further faster, but not so fast that you can’t take it all in. Bonus: if you are vacationing in a hot climate, riding a bike comes with a belt in breeze.
  5. Try a New Activity: Vacations are a great time to get out of our shell and try something new. Have you ever swam in a lake, run on the beach, tried yoga in the park? Vacation towns love to host different activities. Find something you’ve never done before and challenge yourself.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be hard or something we do separate from our regular life. Vacation doesn’t have to be an excuse to take a week off. Find creative ways to burn some calories while enjoying the area around you. We promise it will only enhance the experience.