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A CrossFitter’s Gift List

By November 18, 2016No Comments


It is the Holiday Season.  That means we are all scrambling to find that perfect gift for our friends and family.  Do you have a CrossFitter in your life?  If so, getting a gift they can use in the gym can’t fail.  As CrossFitters, we love new gear, something new to use in the gym, something that might make working out even better.   To help those shopping for CrossFit friends, we put together a basic list below with links to some good appropriate gifts.  Keep in mind, a lot of gear used in CrossFit is sized to the individual and can be very personal.  So, some of these gifts may take a little extra work.


Sure, there is some science behind the clothes worn during workouts.  Compression clothing is supposed to help enhance your ability to workout and may even help avoid some soreness.  But, in general everyone loves showing up to the gym with new socks, new tights, or a cool new shirt.  CrossFit partnered with Reebok a fews years ago and Reebok now sells clothes exclusively designed for CrossFitters.

For some other options, LuLuLemon is probably the second most popular brand of CrossFit clothes.  Athleta markets directly to women.  And for those on a budget, Target has really been expanding its C9 line over the last few years.


As CrossFit expands, there are more and more accessories being offered to help with things like recovery, join support, grip, hand tears, etc.  The three most common CrossFit-oriented accessories are Wrist Wraps, Gymnastics Grips, and Weight Belts.  Rogue Fitness is the leading supplier of CrossFit equipment and accessories.

Rogue sells a number of different types and colors of wrist bands.  The more elastic the wrist band, the more the athlete can adjust the support.  Here are options from Rogue.  However, if you look around a little, you can find more customized options all over the internet, like these wrist wraps on Etsy.  

Rogue does a good job of offering the best Gymnastics grips.  The most popular options are the standard leather grips, natural grips, or JerkFit WODies.  For the money, a lot of people are buying JerkFit WODies because they double as grips and wrist wraps.  Gymnastics grips are going to require you to measure the hand of the person you are buying for, FYI.

Finally, weight belts are great for that heavy lifter in your life.  You will know who it is. The person wearing weightlifting shirts, eats lots of food, may be covered in chalk a lot.  Once again, Rogue provides an extensive list of options.   Nylon belts will be useful for a more general lifter for CrossFitter.  If your lifter is serious, the heavy leather lifting belts are the way to go.


Over the last couple of years, monthly “boxes” have become the hit on the Internet.  You pay a monthly fee and a company sends you a box of goodies each month.  Just about evert industry has a box oriented program.  There are boxes for clothing companies, dog treats, household items, and of course CrossFit.

If you want a pretty awesome gift for a CrossFitter that takes the guess work out of it all, you can’t go wrong with a Wod Box.  A three month plan is perfect.


If all else fails, and you just can’t decide what to get your CrossFitter, go with a gift card.  We guarantee if you buy a gift card to any of the stores or cites we listed above, your CrossFitter will be super excited and the gift card will be used.  You won’t be looked at as being cheap or copping out.  Like we said in the beginning, some of this stuff is very personal.  At Industrial Athletics, we have “Crazy Tights Tuesday” when the weather is cold.  Who knows, maybe your CrossFit has been waiting to get a new pair of tights.  Your Reebok gift card would be perfect.  And these would be a HUGE HIT!!!!