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At Industrial Athletics, we don’t sell workouts. You can go to any gym in Pittsburgh for that. We provide coaching. But, what does that mean? Generally speaking, that means we provide individual attention to all of our members beyond making sure they get a good CrossFit workout. We learn about each member’s individual goals. We know about their abilities and limitations. We then have processes in place to help our members stay on task and stay focused on progress. When our members fall off track, we help bring them back on. Bottom line, we specialize in helping our clients meeting their fitness goals through accountability.


Everyone needs accountability. Even those who know what to do still need help. Why? Because it isn’t enough to know how to reach your goals. Knowledge and motivation will only get you started. When the path starts to get tough, accountability will keep you going. For example, most of us know what we should and should not eat. We know that fruits and vegetables are better than rice and pasta. We know that portion control is important to limit our calorie intake, especially if we are trying to lose weight. We may even get motivated enough to start eating healthier and controlling our portions on our own. However, our experience has demonstrated that those who work with a coach to reach their goals are more successful and reach those goals faster. Turns out, a scientific study supports our experience.

Supported by Science

In this study, scientists ran a randomized clinical trial to test the success of diets. The scientists compared individuals weighing and measuring their macros on their own vs simple monitoring their diets through a commercial diet program. In the end, those who simply monitored their diet while working with a coach were more successful. Why? Accountability. You are more likely to reach your goals when you work with a coach, then when you do it yourself.