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As most of you are aware, the popularity of particular class times fluctuates throughout the year.  A few months ago, 5:15 a.m. class was consistently capping at 12 people.  Last year, we saw a similar issue with an evening class.  Now, we are seeing a capping issue with 6:15 a.m. class.  While we love the increase in membership at the gym, we realize the strain that some members experience when capped out of class and placed on the wait-list.

Since implementing MindBody a couple of years ago, we have encouraged members to develop the habit of signing up for class in advance to avoid being capped out.  This is particularly important right now for those wishing to attend 6:15 a.m.  At the same time, we have also encouraged members that don’t end up being able to attend class to withdraw so that people on the wait-list can move in to class.  We understand that accidents happen and that you might miss your alarm and therefore class.  But, please, if you are signed up for class and decide to not attend, kindly remove your reservation ASAP so that those on the wait-list may be moved into class.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to address the class cap as necessary.  We will manually add members from the wait-list on days when the WOD can accommodate more than 12 people.  We will also be considering raising the class cap to 14.   In the meantime, please respect your fellow members and have the courtesy of withdrawing from class if you plan on not attending.

Thank you for being patient with us as we figure this out!