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Announcement: Competition Class Added

By October 29, 2013No Comments

As Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy grows, so do our athletes. We are in the middle of Competition season and the CrossFit Open is right around the corner. Therefore, for those who are signed up for a competition, or hope to be ready to compete this Spring, we are offering you a special class.

Starting on Saturday, November 2nd, we will be offering a Competition Class. This class will be offered on Saturday’s at 11am in lieu of our regular CrossFit class on Saturday mornings at 11am that is sparsely attended. This class will provide more one-on-one attention to CrossFit movements, competition strategies, competition standards, and competition WODs. For example, one class may be dedicated to faster power snatches or developing one part of a snatch. Expect WODs to contain heavier weight, longer durations, higher reps, and awkward movements (like handstand walks). Also, unlike regular classes, your coaches will be working out with you to help push to that next level.

Any questions, ask a coach.