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Announcement: December CrossFit Fundamentals

By November 29, 2013No Comments

With Thanksgiving over, we hope you all had a wonderful time eating with your friends and family.  Why wait until January to start that new exercise program.  On Tuesday, December 3rd, at 6pm, we will start our December CrossFit Fundamentals Program.  Can’t make it at 6pm?  That’s ok, you can come Wednesday, December 4th at 6am.  If you have never done CrossFit before, but you want to start, Industrial Athletics requires you to attend the Fundamentals Program before you join the regular class.

Our Fundamentals Program is a 4 week program consisting of 8 one hour classes.  You come to the gym twice a week to learn basic movements we use in CrossFit and learn proper form and proper range of motion.  Afraid you will miss a class or two, don’t worry, you can come on Sunday mornings between 9 and 11am to make it up.

The Program costs $100.00 for the month.  And, if you sign up for January’s membership within the first 2 December CrossFit Fundamentals Classes, you will receive a discount on January’s membership.