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Announcement: Fall Brawl Competition

By October 10, 2013No Comments

As many of you already know, R.A.W. Training in Gibsonia, PA will be hosting a competition next Saturday, October 19, for Crossfitters.  This is the fourth year for the competition and it brings out some strong athletes and well known names from the CrossFit Community.

This year, Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, will be sending three athletes to compete:  Rachel Cipolat, Matthew Becker, and David Costa.  Tony was signed up to compete, but is currently nursing a shoulder injury, so Dave stepped up and took his spot.  The event lasts all day, starts around 9am and will end around 6pm.  Every athletes will perform 3 WODs and the top athletes will go on to compete in a final WOD.  For more details on the event, CLICK HERE.

For those who have competed in any sport, it is amazing to have fans there to cheer you on.  These competitions are no different.  Looking out in the middle of a WOD and seeing a sea of “Industrial Athletics” and “CrossFit Alloy” t-shirts can push our competitors to the next level.  So, this year, we want a huge cheering crowd.  We are not asking for you to come all day (they can get a little boring between events), but if you can spare a couple of hours to come see a WOD or two, it goes a long way.  Some of our non-competing are planning a tailgate and other festivities.  We hope to have a team tent, food, drinks, etc.  For more information on the tailgate, talk to Kevin Leech or Steve Slagle.

Can’t wait to see you there!!!