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Announcement: February Membership Fees

By January 27, 2014No Comments

This is the last week of January.  We are one month into 2014.  How are your new year’s resolutions coming?  Also, we are coming close to the end of the Nutrition Challenge.  Are you still staying strong?

February 1st is a Saturday, so that gives you all week to make sure your membership fees are paid before the first of the month (a membership requirement).  Our unlimited membership will continue to be $135, 3 days a week will be $100, couples are $215, and a 12 session punch card is $125.  You may pay by cash, check (made out to “Bionic Fitness, LLC”), or credit card (through Pay Pal).

February is shaping up to be a busy month.  First, we have the Winter Chiller in Fairmont, WV on February 1st.  A lot of our members are participating, so try to be there.  You will also see new faces from our new members who just graduated the Fundamentals Course, to those who are joining the Fundamentals Course in February.  If you see a new face, make sure you introduce yourself.