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Announcement: Mary’s Strength Training Program

By October 30, 2013No Comments

Mary, the newest coach in Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, is starting a Strength Training Program for our interested athletes.  This Sunday, November 3rd, we are starting the first month of a progressive Strength Training Program. During Open Gym (remember, it is from 11am to 1pm)  athletes are invited to come in for instruction and coaching while they work to find their 1 Rep Max for three lifts, Dead Lift, Front Squat, and Floor Press (like a bench press).  Athletes will need at least an hour to do this.  Once the 1 Rep Max is established they will be given an strength training program assignment to follow throughout the following month.

Athletes will be responsible to come in on their own time to work on the lifts in three 10 to 15 minute sessions each week.  These can be completed, while a coach is present, after the 6 am class, before or after the noon class, after the 5:30 pm class, before the 6:30 pm class, and of course during Open Gym. Regular CrossFit Classes will not wait for athletes to complete their sessions before starting. Therefore, it will be the athlete’s responsibility to make this extra time.

After the four weeks of training we will meet again during an Open Gym, or another time that members are available in order to retest the 1 Rep Max.  Please note that most progressive Strength Programs are twelve weeks, however athletes should expect to see an increase in strength in each lift.  Please notify Mary (at if you are unable to attend the first session.  She will arrange to meet you another time to help you establish your 1 Rep Max and get started!

Strength Training Program