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Announcement: Masters Regionals

Once again, we are proud to remind all Industrial Athletics members, and our friends, that Susan Prevoznak is currently the 48th fittest woman in the WORLD after the Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  Because she has landed in the top 200 in the world for her age group, she will be moving on the what we will call the Masters Regionals.  This is the next step for Susan to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

The Masters Regionals will take place this weekend, April 18th through 21st.  The Masters Regionals consist of 4 workouts that will be release on Thursday, April 17th.  Susan will then have the next 4 days to complete of the workouts. videotape her progress, and submit her results to CrossFit.  CrossFit then takes the top 20 finishes for the Games.

Here is how you can help.  Susan does not want to do the workouts alone.  She prefers to have a large group of people working out next to her, cheering her on, and pushing her to go faster, lift heavier, and push harder.  We are currently planning to do the 4 workouts over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The first workout will be done at the 5:30pm class this Friday.  The second workout will be on Saturday around 11am.  The third will be Saturday late afternoon around 4:00pm.  The final workout will be Sunday later afternoon around 4:00pm.  The workouts will be designed for Masters level athletes and we will skill up to accommodate others.  All of these times will be subject to change based on the workouts themselves.  Please stay tuned to the website and social media.

After the workout on Sunday, Susan would like to host a pot-luck cookout to thank everyone for their support.  Similar to our cookouts, Susan will be providing protein, probably chicken and pork.  She will have some beer, wine, and water.  You are asked to BYOB, as well bring sides and/or deserts.

There will be sign up sheet tonight at the gym on the main table.  You must sign up if you plan to attend.  Please also mark what you are bringing so that we don’t get 10 bags of tortilla chips.  The location of the party will be on the signup sheet.

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