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Announcement: MindBody is Live

By January 31, 2014No Comments

With the growing number of members at Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, comes the need for better client and membership management.  We are proud to announce our new partnership with MindBody Online.  MindBody is an industry leader in online client services directed toward the fitness business.  We will be using MindBody for class scheduling, membership payments, and more.  Here are a few changes to policies and procedures at Industrial Athletics:

1.  Starting March 1, 2014, no member of Industrial Athletics will be permitted to attend a CrossFit class without first signing up for that class through MindBody.  As membership continues to grow, class sizes continue to grow.  In order to provide the top level of training and attention that we are known for, we must keep class sizes to a manageable level.  In order to sign up for a class, you must first register with our MindBody Page.  We recommend you start registering for classes in February so that you understand the system before it becomes a requirement.

If you fail to sign up for a class, and you show up anyway, you risk being turned away if the class is already full.  If you sign up for multiple classes, and fail to appear, you risk being charged $5.00 per class.

Once you are registered, check out Our Schedule.

As we add additional classes, like yoga, this sign up requirement will apply to those classes as well.

Athletes will not be required to sign up for Open Gym.

2.  All credit card payments will now be managed by MindBody.  All credit card payments will be automatic renewals with cancellation policies.  All membership payments will continue to be due by the first of each month.  Once again, in order to make a payment, please register with our MindBody Page.  Once you are registered, head over to our Membership Page to sign up for your membership option.

3.  Starting April 1, 2014, membership prices will increase for all forms of payment other than payments through MindBody.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Again, management of various forms of payment is becoming difficult and memberships are strongly encouraged to pay by credit card or debit card online.  It has yet to be determined how much membership prices will increase, however, those paying by cash or check can expect an increase of at least $15.00.

We at Industrial Athletics thank you for your cooperation and patience during this transition.  Throughout February, we will be testing this system and working out the issues.  If you experience any issues with MindBody, please notify us immediately.

Sincerely yours,

Matthew E. Becker