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Announcement: New CFE on Nutrition

When we first opened a little over a year ago, we started a program called Continuing Fitness Education (“CFE”).  The goal of the program was to spend an hour focusing on one particular aspect of fitness.  The more popular programs included Nutrition, Proper Shoulder Positions, and Perfecting the Kipping Pullup.  As life got busier last fall, CFE’s fell to the back burner.  Time to try to bring them back.

A few of the survey comments recently asked for more information on Nutrition.  So, on Saturday, June 14, 2014, at 10:00am we will be hosting the next CFE.  We are going to return to Nutrition for this hour and talk about the basics.  The lecture will include discussions regarding the 3 macro nutrients, how to pick “better” food options, portion control, and popular diet plans in fitness.  The lecture is free to all Industrial Athletics members.  Also, the Chateau Cafe, located at the other end of our building, will be handing out samples of its new smoothie options at the end of the lecture.

11am will be the regular CrossFit class and Yoga will still be at 12:30pm.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Hope to see everyone there.