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Announcement: New Clothing Sale

By November 10, 2013No Comments

It has been a while since Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, has held a t-shirt order.  So, let’s do one.  The sign-up sheets are out on the main table.  Whether you want something for yourself, or you need a Christmas gift for that special someone, now is the time to get in your order.

This order, we are offering white, tri-blend, t-shirts with our Industrial Athletics Flag on the front or the CrossFit Alloy Shield on the front.  The t-shirts are universal fit and will sell for $25.00.

But, wait, that’s not all.  We are excited to offer more with this order.  The weather is getting cold, so our t-shirts won’t be enough of an outer layer.  Therefore, we will also be selling navy hoodies and beenies.  The hoodies will have our flag on the front and the shield on the back.  The beenie will have the flag on it.  The hoodies are universal fit and will sell for $45.00.  The beenies are “one size fits all” and will sell for $15.00.

Can’t decide what you want to buy?  How about a package deal?  If you buy all three: hoodie, beenie, and t-shirt, you will receive the Winter Package Deal.  Buy all 3 and save $10.00.  We are selling the package for $75.00.

When you come to the gym, write your name and sizes on the specific lists.  You must also pay before your order is placed.  When you pay, make sure a coach marks you as paid.  If you are not marked as paid, your order will not be placed.  We will be placing the order on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24th.

Click the link to see mockups of the different items we are selling.  Winter_Package_Clothing