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Announcement: Newsletter Signup

By September 24, 2013No Comments

In October, we are going to start something new:  A Newsletter.  We hope to release a newsletter every month where we will bring you additional content to what you are reading on the webiste and learning in class.  It may teach you something new, review something you already know, or answer that CrossFit question that you have been dying to ask.  Each newsletter will also feature one of our members writing about a topic of his/her choice.  So, start thinking, you might be asked to do next month’s.

Most of you subscribed for our Newsletter when you signed your waiver.  However, you may not have known it or remember it.  Therefore, we are asking you to subscribe again.  The easiest way is to quickly fill out the Sign Up form below.  If you aren’t quite ready, you can always sign up in the “Subscribe to our Newsletter” widget on the right side of your screen.  We hope to release the first edition by October 1.  So don’t delay, subscribe today!

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