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Announcement: Olympic Lifting Class

By September 1, 2013No Comments

As CrossFitters, we specialize in not specializing.  We train for general physical preparedness.  We don’t want to be the best at one type of exercise, we want to be great at everything.  However, sometimes, CrossFit athletes want a little extra focus in a particular domain.  After talking with our members, the general consensus has been more focus on olympic lifting.  So, that’s what we are going to give you.

This Wednesday, September 4th, from 7:30 to 8:30pm, Dustin Greene (Greene Barbell Club) will be returning to the box to offer an Olympic Lifting class for the month of September.  The class will be every Wednesday night at 7:30pm and Sunday morning at 11:00am.  It will cost $50.00 for the month.  It will focus on Clean/Jerk and Snatch.  All members of the regular CrossFit Class are welcome to join.

Note:  This class will not impact the normal programming.  You are joining this class understanding that you may experience duplicate movements/workouts between this class and the regular weekly programming.  In other words, you may work on Snatch on Wednesday night and we may program heavy snatches on Thursday.