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Announcement: Paddle Board Groups

As we announced yesterday, the popularity of the paddle board event this weekend has made it necessary to split our group into two.  We have worked to spread out the participants.  Some will now go at 1:30pm.  The rest of us will go at 3:00pm.  We will still be on paddle boards for 90 minutes and the activity still costs $40.  If you have not paid for your spot, please do so immediately.  Here are the groups:

1:30pm: Matthew, Crystal, Rachel, Erika, Janna, Brittany, Chad, Edith, Susan, Jill, Ben, and Dude

3:00pm: Matthew, Adam, Kristen, Hillary, Other Brian, Kim, Other Brian’s Friend, Jen, David, and Jenn

We do not believe that we missed anyone.  If we did, please apologize.  Please let us know immediately so that we may put you into a time slot.  If you will not longer be joining us, please let us know.  This activity is shaping up to be a good one.  Make sure you bring your sun screen.  It is going to be HOT on Saturday.