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Announcement: Paddle Boarding Split Up

Because of the overwhelming interest in paddle boarding this weekend, we are unable to all go at 3pm.  As such, the paddle boarding instructor has agreed to split us up into two groups.  Group 1 will shove off at 1:30pm.  Group 2 will shove off at the already scheduled 3:00pm.  We are working right now to divide the groups evenly and make sure that people are comfortable with the time change.  Please stay tuned to the website as we will be announcing the groups shortly.

If you have not paid for Saturday, please do so.  We need to know that you are committed so that we may place you into a designated group.  If you will not longer be joining us, please let us know immediately so that we may remove you from the list as we place people at different times.

We apologize if this creates a difficult situation for anyone.  We were unaware of the overall interest and unaware that the paddle boarding group was unable to handle our numbers.  It will still be a fantastic time!!!