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Announcement: Potluck Cookout

It has been a month or so since we have had a social event for the members at Industrial Athletics.  Generally, during the summer months, we try to take advantage of the nice weather and have a few cookouts.  The next cookout will be on June 28, 2014, the last Saturday in June.  This event will also be the return of “The Fundamentals” WOD.

For those who have not attended one of our cookouts before, they are potluck cookouts.  Industrial Athletics typically provides some burgers, hot dogs, chips, and beer.  The rest is up to the members to bring their favorite dish to share.  We will post a sign-up sheet in the gym shortly where we will ask all members to R.S.V.P. for the event and write down what he/she/they will bring.  This helps us know our attendance numbers and helps to prevent duplication of food options.  We don’t need 4 bags of tortilla chips.

Every cookout begins with a WOD.  The WOD starts early so we have plenty of time to give everyone a good workout before we all eat.  Before we changed our Fundamentals Program, we used to do “The Fundamentals” WOD once a month.  We designed the WOD as a baseline WOD that combined all of the movements we use in CrossFit.  On June 28th, it returns.  WOD heats will starts at 9am.  We will run heats/waves of 6 people at a time until we get everyone through it.  Then, we fire up the grill and start the social event.

We are announcing this event early in hopes of catching as many people as possible before plans are made.  These events are a lot of fun and great for building our community.  We hope to see you all there.