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Announcement: Primal Move Workshop

Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, is proud to announce a Primal Move Workshop hosted by our very own Janelle Pica of Primal Fitness Pittsburgh.

The Primal Move Workshop will present a game-based, play-oriented approach to the art and science of enhancing movement skill. The workshop will teach the Primal Move system.  The Primal Move system provides a dynamic way to retrain your body to reclaim its natural ability to move.  You will learn to move with elegance, strength, power, and speed.  Benefits will include: improved endurance, a reduction or removal of pain, greater energy, and a radically improved sense of overall well being.

Primal Move practice is beneficial for many groups:
• From beginners programs to full movement programs
• Injured athletes for rehabilitation
• Athletes needing a de-load program or a low intensity solution
• Older people to improve movement skills and mobility
• Children who need to improve body awareness and coordination

Primal Move helps puts the joy back into exercise programs when injury, imbalances, aging or other setbacks have made “working out” a painful struggle rather than a natural source of pleasure.  Primal Move utilizes rolling movements to properly activate the vestibular system. Primal Move’s emphasis on rolling rebuilds movement patterns and brings the body “back to full life.”

The total cost of this workshop is $75 and is open to everyone of all levels.  The workshop will be held Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 p.m at our gym. For more information on the upcoming Primal Move introductory workshop email Janelle at to or call 412-980-4287.