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Announcement: Time to Expand the CrossFit Box

Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, has been more successful in the first 4.5 months than we could have ever imagined.  Because of that, WE NEED MORE SPACE.  Thankfully, we have two athletes who are masters of construction:  Kevin Leech and Steve Slagle.  They have volunteered their time and equipment to move our walls.  Here are the details:

When:  This Sunday, August 25th, at 8:00am we start

Where:  Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy

What:  We are moving the walls, laying floor, painting, building platforms, etc. until everyone is tired and wants to go home or we finish

Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, will provide some water, beer, and easy lunch (not paleo, probably pizza).  If you want to bring some snacks or drinks, please do.  If construction isn’t your thing, but you want to lend moral support, show up when you can and help keep us motivated.

Please let us know if you plan to make it so that we may plan for numbers.

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