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Announcement: Tony “ToneWod” is leaving Industrial Athletics

By December 27, 2013No Comments

We at Industrial Athletics are truly sad to announce that Tony “ToneWod” Didomenico will be leaving the fitness center.  As a young man, Tony is currently working on his business degree and his education is taking him out of the State.  His last day at our facility will be January 10, 2014.  Please make sure you see Tony before that time and say your goodbyes.

With a personality matched by no one, Tony will truly be missed.  When he is in the gym, his voice is unmistakable.  The attention he commands while coaching and the work ethic he brings to everything he does is matched by few others.  We hope the love and passion he brings to Industrial Athletics will live on through our members who had the privilege to train with him.

We can say goodbye knowing that this is not the last time we will see him.  As part of our family, Tony will always have a place to return for a WOD when he is in Pittsburgh.  Once he graduates with his business degree, we hope to see him return to Pittsburgh and rejoin our community full-time.  Until then, keep your eyes and ears open, you will be able to tell when he is coming.

Industrial Athletics will be planning a small party for Tony before he leaves.  The date for this party is Saturday, January 4th.  It will be a dinner and rinks party.  Details will follow.