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Announcement: Wigle Information

A week or so ago, we announced our next social event to Wigle Whiskey Distillery coming up in March. We have heard back from Wigle, and Saturday, March 22, 2014, at 6:30pm is available for the tour.  So, we want to make this happen.  Instead of having 12-30 people give Wigle $60 on the night of the tour, we are going to ask everyone to prepay Industrial Athletics.  We will then pay Wigle with one business check.

We are also asking for prepayment because Wigle requires a substantial non-refundable down payment before we are able to fully reserve the tour.  We must place a down payment for the initial 12 people.  As such, we are asking everyone to prepay by this Friday, March 7, 2014.  As long as we have 12 people prepay, we will reserve our tour and set the 22nd in stone.  If 12 people prepay before the 7th, we will reserve asap.  We are still asking everyone to prepay before the tour.

If we lose the 22nd, or no enough people prepay, we will refund anyone who has paid and schedule a social event elsewhere.

Also, with the 6:30pm tour time, we will be planning to go to dinner after the tour.