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Announcemnet: Mary’s Strength Program 2

By January 18, 2014No Comments

About 2 months ago, we started Mary’s Strength Program.  Coach Mary picks three weight lifting movements and helps you increase your strength through percentage progression.  It is time to do it again.  Starting tomorrow, January 19th, and running through this week, you can come to Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy, find your 1 rep max for the following lifts, and then get on the percentage program from the next 4 weeks.  This time, we will work on these lifts:

Back Squats


Shoulder Press

This strength program is included in your regular monthly membership, so you have no reason not to do it.  For those who did not participate last time, you are responsible to come in on your own time to complete this program.  It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes each week.  In order to avoid confusion, we designate times on weekdays:  while a coach is present, after the 6 am class,before or after the noon class, after the 5:30 pm class, before the 6:30 pm class.  Of course, you can always do this during Open Gym.  Those who participated last time saw gains.  You have nothing to lose.

For more information, contact Coach Mary:

Disclaimer:  Regular CrossFit Classes will not wait for athletes to complete their strength training.  Regular programming will not be changed or adjusted around this extra strength training.  It will be your responsibility to make extra time.