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April 2015 Community Event

Every month, we try to have a community event for our members so that we can all get together outside of classes.  For the April 2015 Community Event, we will be returning to the James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy on Saturday, April 18, 2015, around dinner time (  The staff at the Gastropub is always very accommodating to our larger groups.  The service is good, the food is good, and when we are done eating, there is always Jazz entertainment in the basement.

We will get a signup sheet on the main table soon.  We ask that you sign up simply for reservation purposes.  If you don’t sign up, we can’t guarantee you a seat.  Generally, the Gastropub requires us to submit the number of people attending the week before we plan to be there.  As such, you will have until April 15th to reserve your seat.

This trip to the Gastropub will be more than a regular Community event.  We will also be thanking Goose and Adrian for their help over the last two months.  The two of them stepped up when we were in need of a coach and took care of some of the 9am, noon, and evening classes.  Now that we have a full time coach again, they will be moving on to their own CrossFit adventures.  They have been a wonderful addition to the IA family and we hope to continue to partner with them in the future.

Finally, we will also be using this event to welcome Coach Jen Griener.  Now that she has passed her L1 Course, she will be taking the position of full time coach for the gym.  She has been shadowing for about a month and has been leading the 5:30pm class this week.  She was an inaugural member of Industrial Athletics and we are super excited to have her on staff.

Please reserve some time to come enjoy good food, good company, and good entertainment on April 18th.