Athlete of the Month for August 2016

The summer is flying by.  As we end July, August begins, and that means a new Athlete of the Month.  The Athlete of the Month for August 2016 is a regular at the 5:15am class.  She joined a while ago and has never looked back.  Giving 100%, she always has a smile on her face, even at the end of the week when we are all tired that early in the morning.  She comes to social events, expresses her fitness through sports, and even encourages her family to get into CrossFit.  The Athlete of the Month for August 2016 is:


1. Where are you from originally?  The great Mon Valley, about an hour south of Pittsburgh.

2.     If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh? I moved to the city for work after college.

3.     Where do you work? At PPG downtown.

4.     What is your favorite hobby? Lately it’s been cooking, mostly because of the eating.

5.     How did you discover CrossFit? I first saw it in social media but wrote it off as too extreme. Then my sister joined a gym with her fiance, and I decided to try it after hearing their positive feedback for a few months.

6.     When did you start CrossFit? December 2015.

7.     Why did you start CrossFit?   I was unmotivated by my subpar routine and not seeing any functional changes to my body. So the weight lifting and group accountability of CrossFit hooked me in.

8.     What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Thrusters are one of my favorite things to see programmed in a metcon, for being a barbell movement that really works the legs, core, and upperbody.

9.     What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Wall balls, hands down.

10.  What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at? Kipping! I feel limited on the bar without it.

11.  What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics? The people. Everyone has their own goals but still cares about encouraging you in your progress. I love that supportive atmosphere and the motivation from seeing everyone else work hard. Plus, misery loves company!

12.  What is your favorite CrossFit WOD? Murph so far. His was one of my favorite stories long before crossfitting, and I like that all the movements are fundamental in fitness. That keeps it close to the heart of CrossFit and, like all of the hero WODs, is a nice reminder that fitness can have a greater purpose if it makes us more capable mentally and physically for life’s challenges.


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