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It is rare that the coaches vote for someone to be the Athlete of the Month in their first year at IA. This is especially true for the first Athlete of the year. So, why did we pick this one? Because even though he’s only been at Industrial Athletics a relatively short time, we feel his Community impact every time he’s at the gym. From very early on, he’s attended our Community events. He showed up to say goodbye to Coach Kathleen at her picnic. He’s expanded our Community by bringing a friend to join. Most importantly, he exhibits our Core Values: integrity, responsibility, living a healthy lifestyle, and overcoming adversity. The Athlete of the Month for January 2022 is:

Thom Harr

1. Where are you from originally? A small town, about 55 miles south of Pittsburgh. I’d tell you the name, but you’ll only say “ah, never heard of it.”

2. If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh? I love the city. I’ve always been drawn to Pittsburgh as a child, when recent life events gave me the opportunity – I decided to move to the city.  

3. Where do you work? I work for New York Life, Group Benefit Solutions. 

4. What is your favorite hobby? Adventuring with my 6 year old, Milo. 

5. How did you discover CrossFit? I started to notice incredible results of friends of mine. They were getting stronger and more and more fit, each time I would see them. 

6. When did you start CrossFit? Feb 2021

7. Why did you start CrossFit? I was a runner and avid biker, and I wanted to push myself physically, doing something I’ve never done before. 

8. What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Back Squats, Box Jumps, Burpees and Wall Balls!

9. What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Back Squats, Box Jumps, Burpees and Wall Balls! haha 

10. What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at? Pull Ups and Double Unders

11. What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics? The sense of accomplishment I feel after pushing myself to my limit each and every WOD — and the love/support I get from the coaches as well as fellow classmates.  

12. What is your favorite CrossFit WOD? The 12 Days of Christmas WOD was an absolute blast. I loved the chaos of it all.