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Athlete of the Month for March 2017

It is time to announce the Industrial Athletics Athlete of the Month for March of 2017.  This individual started with us in order to lose weight as he prepared to challenge the City’s Police Test.  Despite some limitations in the beginning, he fought hard to burn the weight and increase his overall fitness.  Never one to make excuses, or blame someone else because he wasn’t particularly good at something, we would see him constantly setting and achieving personal goals.  He always participates in the monthly challenges, he has been a member of our Coach’s Corner Group, he has a constant smile on his face, and he is always encouraging others.  Be sure to check out his before and after photo under his interview questions.  The March 2017 Athlete of the Month is:

Samuel Levy

1.     Where are you from originally? Clarion, Pa

2.     If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh? In 2011 I accepted an 8 month position as a Sound Engineer for the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre. Then I got a new job, settled down in Monroeville and have been there ever since. 

3.     Where do you work? Monroeville Police Department full time and that Monroeville Fire Department part time. 

4.     What is your favorite hobby? Is napping a hobby? Or working overtime

5.     How did you discover CrossFit? Through my partner at work, Leanne. Her brother John and sister in law Carol convinced her to join and she drug me to Fundamentals. 

6.     When did you start CrossFit? April 2016

7.     Why did you start CrossFit? I was really, really fat

8.     What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Deadlifts 

9.     What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Walking Lunges

10.  What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at? Pull-ups 

11.  What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics? The fun, welcoming people I get to workout with. 

12.  What is your favorite CrossFit WOD? Any “Death By”