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Athlete of the Month for September 2021

For the Athlete of the Month for September 2021, we chose a woman who is an inspiration to those with a busy life. Between three kids and a husband who works long shifts as a fireman, she doesn’t have a lot of time. But, she still makes time to get to the gym and put her health as a priority. She takes full advantage of our CrossFit class schedule, sometimes coming in the morning, sometimes in the evening. She’s always positive and always smiling. The Athlete of the Month for September 2021 is:

Sophie Egerter

  1. Where are you from originally? I am originally from England, but moved around a lot as a kid. Virginia, England, Singapore, Alabama, Georgia, finally PA.
  2. If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh? I met my husband, Brandt, in Georgia when he was stationed there in the military, and when he got out I moved here with him. 
  3. Where do you work? I am a stay at home mom 
  4. What is your favorite hobby? Honestly, CrossFit is probably my favorite hobby.
  5. How did you discover CrossFit? My sister and brother in law have done CrossFit for years so I always heard about it from them and also Brandt started CrossFit in the fire fighter academy and turned me on to it.  
  6. When did you start CrossFit? April 2018
  7. Why did you start CrossFit? I have always looked for some type of working out that I would enjoy, but never really found anything I was excited to do.  Whenever Brandt suggested both of us starting CrossFit and described how the workouts were styled and the different movements I figured it would be something I would enjoy and be able to get into great shape at the same time.
  8. What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Rowing and hang power cleans.
  9. What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit? Sumo Deadlift high pulls
  10. What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at? I would love to get better at gymnastics movements, particularly pull ups and toes to bar. 
  11. What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics? I love coming to Industrial Athletics for a number of reasons. I have met so many wonderful people, made some amazing friendships, and learned so much about myself. 
  12. What is your favorite CrossFit WOD? I don’t really have a specific favorite workout. Any workout that makes you push harder than you thought you were capable of, like Death Row.