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Athlete of the Year for 2017

By December 1, 2017One Comment

For December, we are doing something a little different.  Instead of an Athlete of the Month for December 2017, we are announcing an Athlete of the Year for 2017.  All of the Athletes of the Month for 2017 got to vote on who they thought should be Athlete of the Year. This individual is someone who has earned the respect of the other Athletes of the Month.  This individual is someone who is a great ambassador of our Community, attends social events, always adds a positive energy to the gym, and is someone you think of when you think of “Industrial Athletics.”  The voting was tight and came down to a 1 vote difference.  The first ever Industrial Athletics Athlete of the Year for 2017 is:


1. What does it mean to you to be selected as Athlete of the Year?
It means that I must have made a good impression or set some good examples in the eyes of my fellow IA friends which makes my heart smile.

2. What is one goal you have achieved since you were Athlete of the Month?
Bar Muscle Ups

3. What is the #1 thing that contributed to you accomplishing that goal? Following a routine of extra work from Coach’s Corner meetings as well as listening to some technique advice from other IA community members.

4. What is the main aspect of CrossFit that keeps you coming back for more?
It keeps me feeling young and helps me feel that I am living life to the fullest.

5. What is 1 thing you have changed in your life recently that has led to more success in the gym? Moving to Pittsburgh and joining a box that provides more personal attention to technique, form and overall general advice for being successful with Crossfit. I PR’d more this year than the previous.

6. What is the best piece of advice you can give to a current CrossFitter that you think will help with longevity in CrossFit?
Don’t get complacent.. keep chasing the next level.

7. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone new looking to try CrossFit?
Get in the mindset of your fitness regime being something you look forward to everyday and not a burden on your day.

8. What is the #1 way CrossFit has changed your life?
Overall attitude. Being surrounded by incredibly positive community member’s, competing and achieving fitness goals are all contributing factors to maintaining a great attitude and positive outlook on life.

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