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Our athlete of the month for May 2022 may be the definition of overcoming adversity. In a recent episode of The Stronger Revolution, we sat down with Jared Cave to hear about his journey in CrossFit.

While looking to try something different, a friend suggested that Jared try CrossFit. He joined Industrial Athletics, and has been a member every since. He completed our Fundamentals Program and joined our regular CrossFit class. Things were going well and his fitness was progressing. However, what he didn’t realize was that he had a ticking time bomb growing around his heart. While participating in Memorial Day Murph at Industrial Athletics, that time bomb reached it’s limit. Jared went down from a heart attack.

However, that didn’t stop Jared from pursuing a life of health and fitness. Coming back faster than expected (probably because of his high level of fitness at the time), Jared took it slowly, but again progressed quickly in his fitness.

Determined not to let the heart attack define his future, Jared has worked tirelessly to set himself up for longevity in the future. Today, he still PR’s his max effort lifts and has been progressing through our standardized scaling for daily workouts. Also, did we mention he loves Frisbee Golf?

Learn more about Jared and in journey in the latest episode.