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CFE: Standard Kipping Pullup

This Saturday at 10:00am will be the first Continuing Fitness Education (“CFE”) class.  The Continuing Fitness Education series will be designed to revisit movements learned in the past or to teach our athletes a new movement or an advanced technique.  The series will also include lectures regarding various topics such as nutrition, daily life and recovery, proper range of motion, injury prevention, and mobility.

For the first class, we are going to concentrate on the Standard Kipping Pullup.  You can expect to learn how to start developing your kip, proper body position, and how to properly create torque throughout the movement.  Whether you are still using a pullup band, just started doing free hanging pullups, or have been kipping for a while, you are strongly encouraged to attend and learn.

This class is open to all members of the regular CrossFit class.  We will still offer our normal 9:00am WOD on Saturday morning.