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Changes in Coaching Staff

By January 21, 2015No Comments

It is with great displeasure that we announce a change in coaching staff at Industrial Athletics.  As of January 30, 2015, Victor will coach his last class as a full time coach.  He has accepted a position in hotel hospitality, which will allow him to use his college degree.  He is advancing his career into a management position and we couldn’t be prouder.  While we are losing him as our full time coach, that doesn’t mean we will be losing him entirely.  He will still attend classes when he is available and continue to coach here and there as his schedule allows.

To celebrate his departure, Jill and Dude’s movie night will now also be a going away party for Victor.  Next weekend is the competition in Fairmont, WV, so that weekend won’t work.  If you were on the fence about coming to movie night, please make the decision to stop by, if even long enough to send your best wishes to Victor, who has helped grow our membership and the coaching product.

Aside from him leaving, nothing will change at Industrial Athletics.  We will still run classes as normal and offer the great fitness product that we have become known for.  We wish Victor the best of luck in his new position and can’t wait to hear about his new adventures.