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As we come out of the 2022 CrossFit Open, we are reminded of the value of competition.  Every year at the end of February, our stomachs fill with butterflies as we prepare for CrossFit to release the first Open workout.  We question ourselves and our fitness.  Am I fit enough this year?  Will I be ready?  Will the Open crush me?  

Just a Competition?

Some of us dive into the challenge.  Some of us sit on the fence for a couple of days or weeks contemplating whether we want to participate.  Then, three weeks later, it is all over.  We’ve all survived another Open season and regular fitness can continue until next February.  But, is that it?  After this week will the Open just be another event we completed?  Or, is the Open more than the worlds largest most egalitarian competition?

We need to test ourselves in life if we wish to progress.  We need to see a challenge, something that’s not going to be easy, and attack it head on.  Otherwise, how will we know where we need to improve? Seneca once said, ”No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself.”  

Test Your Progress Yearly

CrossFit provides us with that adversity every day.  Each time we step into the gym we choose to challenge ourselves against our weaknesses.  The Open, like other competitions, is a yearly opportunity to test our progress.  It provides us a yearly test to see if we are actually improving on our weaknesses. 

Therefore, as you finish the final Open workout of 2022, enjoy the competitive atmosphere and team camaraderie.  But, also take a few moments to reflect on how you did in each workout.  What did you find easy?  What did you find to be difficult?  What did you struggle with this year that you want to be better about next year?  Then, when your new fitness goals are crystal clear, let us know how we can help.