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Closed for moving 2/18-2/21

By February 17, 2016No Comments

Industrial Athletics will be completely closed from 2/18-2/21.

We start at 5:15am.  The move will begin by taking up the flooring and breaking down the pull-up rig.  We will then move the flooring into the space and put it down.  Once the pull-up rig section is down, we will start to install the rig.  Once the flooring is down, we will start moving EVERYTHING else.

We welcome anyone who has some time to come help.  Doesn’t matter if it is for only 30 min or for 2 hours.  Every little bit will help.  Aside from moving equipment, we will also need to wipe down walls, clean bathrooms, and paint wall ball lines.  There will be plenty to do.

Our hope is to have a coach, or other person in charge, in each location.  This person will have outlines and maps to aid in the move.  Please note that we have picked places to put most of the equipment in the new space.  This will aid in organization.  Please confer with the person in charge to make sure you are putting things in the right place for now.

Thank you in advance to everyone who will be taking time to help us move.  The support and excitement from the membership during this period of transition has been amazing.  It only helps to support the argument that Industrial Athletics has the best Community in Pittsburgh.