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Closed for Industrial Athletics Basketball

Industrial Athletics will be closed today as we head to Carnegie Mellon to play some basketball.  In CrossFit, we train to be generally physically prepared across broad times and modal domains.  We often talk about “expressing” our fitness through sport:  The application of skill through games.  We will meet at Carnegie Mellon around 9am today, play for a couple of hours, and then head to lunch as a Community Group.

Next weekend is the next local competition.  It will also be the last one for a while.  The Patriot Games is CrossFit RAW’s annual team competition in Gibsonia, PA.  RAW is known for putting on some challenging competitions, but we at Industrial Athletics won’t back down.  We have two teams going.  The Coaches:  Matt, Jen, Mel, and Fireman Dave will be one team.  Our second team will be Brandon, Courtney, Adam, and Hillary.  Please make some time next Saturday to come check it out.