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We are entering into the final week of the year. Some of you may be starting to think about your 2023 fitness goals. Each year we create goals but often don’t stick with them. Today’s newsletter will unpack some ways to track, set, and achieve your fitness goals for the upcoming year. This will be the final newsletter of 2022. The hope is to make an impression on how you plan out your fitness goals moving forward.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

There are a few different methods that can be used to reach your goals. One of the more common methods is the SMART goal system. In this method, you choose goals that follow the acronym. The ‘S’ stands for specific. This means that your goal should be as narrowed down as possible. For example, having a goal to lose 2% in body fat versus simply losing weight. The next letter is ‘M’, which stands for measurable. You always want to set a goal that you can measure. The next letter, ‘A’ stands for achievable. Set a goal that is challenging yet achievable. The ‘R’ stands for realistic to encourage a goal that meets your lifestyle. The last letter is ‘T’ which stands for timely. This implies that you give yourself a date to achieve your goal so that you can hold yourself accountable. 

8-Week Technique

Another approach that can be used to set goals is the 8-week technique. This method is good for annual planning. Choose several larger goals, (between 6-8), that you would like to achieve over the course of the year. Then, choose one goal and focus on just that goal for 6 weeks. Once the 6-week period is over, take two weeks off. This off period will be time to reflect on what you accomplished over the first 6 weeks. If you feel as though you accomplished the goal, move on to the next goal. If you feel that you still need time to work on it, use the last two weeks to finish up. You could also focus on that same goal for the next 6 weeks if needed. Repeat this method for the entire year until you achieve all of your goals. After each 8 week cycle, reward yourself to stay accountable and motivated. 


Let’s list a few tips in setting goals regardless of which method you use. The first is to break the goal down. This may require weekly homework or daily reminders. For example, you may have a goal of getting an unassisted pull-up. Set aside time for daily/weekly homework that focuses on specific strengthening exercises to achieve this goal. Next, make sure to enjoy the process. Achieving a goal can take a long time. Enjoy the wins and losses in the process. Lastly, get an accountability partner or a coach. The ‘DIY’ (do it yourself) method is generally why people fail to achieve their goals in the first place. Seek out help from a someone who specializes in the area of your goal. This person can help guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals. 

Cheers to 2022! May 2023 be your healthiest year yet!