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CrossFit Alloy WOD for 11/21/2014 – Grace

By November 20, 20146 Comments

If you plan to come to the Thanksgiving Day WOD, don’t forget to sign up so that we can plan on attendance.

Today, we return to our CrossFit roots with a classic CrossFit single modality weightlifting WOD.  In its early years, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman created workouts to test individual abilities such as your ability to move just your body weight, move a barbell, or both.  He named many of these workouts and they quickly became the benchmark workouts we use today to test progress.

Grace is a classic WOD that involves a barbell and a complex Olympic Lifting movement used to pick up a bar off of the ground and drive it over your head.  Those who are proficient with Olympic Lifting will use Grace to test not only the ability to lift more weight for more reps without stopping, but will also find that Grace provides a unique cardiovascular workout.  Those still learning the Olympic Lifts will find Grace to be more of a mental challenge with a “heavier” weight than a speed challenge.  As the body begins to fatigue, you must remain focused on form.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 11/21/2014:

Weight GHD Situps with a Med Ball (20/14)
10, 10, 10, 10
If you are unable to do GHD situps, partner with someone.  One partner performs a situp holding a med ball over his/her head the entire time while the other partner holds feet down.  Then switch.

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

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6:30pm – Olympic Lifting with Greene Barbell Club

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