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Our CrossFit Box has grown

Sunday was an exciting day at Industrial Athletics, the Home of CrossFit Alloy.  For those who could not make it, the expansion and platform building took all day, but couldn’t have gone smoother.  A very special THANK YOU to Kevin and Steve for offering to move the walls, organizing the project, and managing all of the volunteers.  We also have to thank everyone who came out yesterday to donate their free Sunday to help us grow.  At times, we had more people then we had work.  Proof that our CrossFit community is solid and growing.  The feeling of seeing everyone there so willing to offer a helping hand was amazing.

However, that wasn’t it.  As a complete surprise, our wonderful community also donated a CrossFit WOD Clock.  Finally, we look like a real CrossFit Box with a wall clock to keep track of our times.  To those who organized the gift and donated extra money to purchase the clock, thank you so much.  That feeling was truly humbling.

Here is a picture of our Box with the added space.  We have so much room for activities!!!