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CrossFit WOD for 12/16/2013

By December 15, 20134 Comments

The CrossFit Alloy WOD for 12/16/2013:


Push Press
3, 3, 3, 3


4 Rounds for time:
2 Rope Climbs
25 Pushups
25 Situps

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  • Crimlaw says:


    Strength: Everyone is Platinum. Pick a weight and push press it overhead while maintaining that stable midline. Your goal is to find your max weight that you can push press 3 times.


    All Situps must be on an ab-mat

    Patinum: As written above.

    4 Rounds for Time:
    1 Rope Climb
    20 Pushups
    20 Situps

    4 Rounds for TIme:
    5 Pullups/5 Knees to Elbow
    18 Pushups
    18 Situps

    4 Rounds for Time:
    3 Pullups/3 Knees to Elbow
    15 Pushups
    15 Situps

  • JoeD says:

    Although there were only 3 of us this morning at 6 am (me, Jake and Jim), everyone went Rx for the WOD!

    Platinum: 9:13 (Thought I could catch Jake on the sit-ups, better he apparently got faster at those!)

    Push-Press: Just used the bar and practiced form. Still working through a right shoulder issue.

  • Jake says:

    Haha thanks Joe! I have improved.

    Push-Press – 175lbs 3 rep max

    Platinum – 8:53

  • Rafa says:

    145# push press
    Rx – 7:01