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CrossFit WOD for 3/5/2014

We are changing Saturday morning schedule.  From March 8 forward, the Saturday morning class at 10am will the Competition Class.  The 11am class will be the General CrossFit Class open to everyone.  This will make it more convenient for our members to attend CrossFit and Yoga on Saturday mornings.

CrossFit Alloy WOD for 3/5/2014:

Overhead Squat, Snatch Balance, Hang Squat Snatch progression
3, 3, 3, 3

Coach CrimLaw’s B-Day WOD:

31 Burpees done in unison by the entire class

Then, set up:

4 Rounds for Time:
20 Pullups
20 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
20 Burpees

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Note:  The skill work is designed to help you achieve a squat snatch, not to find the maximum weight you are able to work through the snatch progression.


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  • Crimlaw says:


    Platinum: As written above. Pullups must be unassisted.

    4 Rounds for time:
    15 Pullups (Unassisted)
    15 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
    15 Burpees

    4 Rounds for time:
    15 Assisted Pullups
    15 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)
    15 Burpees

    4 Rounds for time:
    12 Assisted Pullups or Ring Rows
    12 Hang Power Snatches (55/35)
    12 Burpees

  • Rafa says:

    Steel for 15 mins something. Tried 1 more round for 19:36.
    Happy bday Crim