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CrossFit WOD for 7/29/2013

For Time:

Run a 5K

5k_route (click link to view path)

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  • Crimlaw says:

    Directions by street: Start at the box, left on Preble, right on Franklin, left on Beaver, left on Island (by the Port Authority Blgd), run to he railtrail, left on railtrail, left back to the box. That is 1 LAP.


    Platinum: Try to run the entire 5K (2 laps around the course)

    Steel: Run/walk the 5K (2 laps around the course)

    Brass: Run an entire 2.5K (1 lap around the course)

    Bronze: Run/walk the 2.5K (1 lap around the course)

  • JoeD says:

    Although I used to run regularly, it has been awhile.

    Platinum: 24:41 (curiously, I ran the 1st and 2nd half in the exact amount of time).

    Great job to Jake who had a new PR for his 5K time!

  • Jake says:

    20:44 (10:45/9.99 split) – Thanks Joe! 5k PR for me. I have to credit my first 3 months of crossfit to my success this morning!

  • Susan says:

    Being a runner this would normally be an easy WOD for me even though it is a sprint. But after running my first trail race yesterday(25k) my legs are barely up to walking. CrossFit helped save me from major bodily harm yesterday as I was able to grab a tree while flying through the air and headed off the side of a very steep hill. Trail runs present a truly unique and fun challenge and I highly reccomend it to everyone!

  • DianeD says:

    Jim has not done any distance running (over 1 mile) in more than two decades. Today he ran the 5K in 22 or 23-something. He was really happly and it is amazing how just doing CrossFit has prepared him for running! I’m proud of him!

  • Crimlaw says:

    19:42 (or somehthing in the 19:40’s) wanted to get sub 20, so I am happy. That was tough.