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CrossFit WOD for 8/1/2013

4 Rounds for Time:

50 Double Unders
20 Ring Dips

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  • Crimlaw says:


    This one is going to come down to the ring dips. But, double unders are just as important. Don’t neglect one skill just because you can do dips.

    Platinum: As written above with no assistance on the ring dips.

    4 Rounds for Time:
    40 Double Unders
    15 Ring Dips (without assistance)

    30 Double Unders or 90 Single Unders
    15 Ring Dips (may use band) or 20 Box Dips

    80 Single Unders or 25 Tuck Jumps (only if unable to jump rope)
    15 Box Dips

  • DianeD says:

    Brass: 6:35
    with left-legged single-unders and box dips with feet elevated on another box

    During the cash-out, Coach Steph worked with me on squats which have been impossible due to my ankle immobility. She came up with a clever way to practice and after several minutes I did my first nearly-legit air squats since getting my new foot! Very exciting!

  • Crimlaw says:

    5:51. All DU’s unbroken. This was a sprint.

  • TheDude says:

    I did brass in 14:30 I think. Not really a sprint, but rather a plod.