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CrossFit WOD for 8/27/2013

By August 26, 20135 Comments

Spend 7 minutes on each of the following CrossFit skills and lift:

Lsit for Time (Lsit should be between two boxes)
Handstand Walk
Max effort single rep chest to bar pullup
Max effort single rep Snatch

Post top results for each skill and weight to Comments

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  • Crimlaw says:


    Note: Lsits or high knees must be held above the horizontal plane or the edge of teh box to count.

    Platinum: As written above

    Lsit for time
    Stationary Handstand for time
    Max effort weighted chest to bar pulllup
    Max effort single rep snatch

    High knees hold for time
    Handstand on the wall for time
    Max effort weighted pullup (try to use less assistance if needed)
    Max effort single rep snatch

    High knee hold for time
    Work on getting inverted on a wall
    Max effort single rep pullup
    Max effort single rep snatch

  • Jake says:

    Lsit – 22 seconds
    Handstand – 5 second hold and 5 feet walk
    1 rep CTB pullup – 45lbs
    Snatch – worked on technique

  • JoeD says:

    L-sit hold (feet extended straight out and held above box height): 36 seconds
    Snatch: 85 lbs (but feeling alot better. Form is improving.)
    Handstand walk: 49 ft. (Thanks Brian for pushing me! Crim: We need a longer Box. Ha, ha!)
    Chest-to-Bar pull-up: 55 lbs. (Would like to try this again. Felt I had some more in me.)

  • RAFA says:

    L Sit – 41 seconds (feet above the box)
    Snatch – 135 lbs.
    Handstand Walk: 4 steps…Cant handstand yet
    CTB – 70 lbs

  • TheDude says:

    L-Sit: 59 seconds
    Snatch – 135#
    Handstand walk – about two steps and boom
    CTB – 45#