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Deadlifts and Downdogs

By February 3, 2015No Comments


On February 28th, Industrial Athletics and Yoga instructors Amanda Rubio and Janna Leyde will be hosting a community event called Deadlifts and Downdogs.  The program is designed to introduce our surrounding community to CrossFit and the advantages of Vinyasa Flow Yoga as a compliment to any high intensity exercise program.

Do you have any friend or family members who wants to try CrossFit?  Do you have any friends who do yoga on a regular basis and want to know about “that CrossFit thing” you do?  This event will be designed as an introduction to CrossFit’s theory and execution.  We will talk about CrossFit and what Industrial Athletics has to offer.  We will then break off into small groups and introduce some movements we use in CrossFit.  We will finish with a short workout similar to what we offer on a daily basis.

Then we will do Yoga.  Our yoga instructors will take us through Vinyasa movements and poses that focus on breath, building strength, and building stamina that will compliment CrossFit.

We will also have a brief talk about nutrition, leave some time to chat, and have some snacks to munch on after we workout.

CrossFitters and Yogis have a lot to offer each other.  Come see what we are talking about when Industrial Athletics brings the two health and fitness regimens together.

When: Saturday, February 28th (2pm-4pm)
Where: Industrial Athletics CrossFit Alloy (Plug into your GPS: 1501 Preble Avenue / 15233 / 3rd Floor)
Who: Industrial Athletics Owner and Coach Matt Becker; Yoga Instructors Amanda Rubio & Janna Leyde
Tickets: $25 Sign up on Event Brite or $30 pay at the door
Space is limited, so sign up today!