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Dealing with Major Change

By March 25, 2020November 23rd, 2020No Comments

Dealing with Major Change

Change in our life is inevitable.  We cannot resist it, but if we accept it, change will help us grow for the better.  Sometimes, that change is a major change that completely upends our schedule, our structure, our daily life.  We aren’t talking about a sudden work assignment or a late meeting that throws off the rest of your daily schedule.  We are talking about the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or lockdown stemming from a pandemic.

The Problem

When our lives are flipped upside down, we need to get back on a schedule.  We need to do this as fast as possible.  Structure is freedom.  Taking control of our day through a schedule is the first step to bring structure to our life.  This is not the time to throw in the towel.  Throwing in the towel is giving up and won’t serve us well in the long run.

How to Handle It

A major change in our life will result one of two ways:  1.  It will pass and life will return to normal.  2.  Our disrupted life will become the new normal.  In either scenario, you need to continue to grown.  You need to continue to live for your purpose and live the best life possible. So, here’s some practice and tactile ways to maintain your structure when life really gets in the way:

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel:  Simply modify your regular structure.  If you have followed along with the Stronger Revolution Podcast, you should have some structure already in your life.  This might be a morning and evening routine.  Maybe you have a workout schedule and eating schedule you stick to.  The energy was already use to create your pre-disruption schedule.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Simply modify.
  2. Maintain a To-Do List:  Better yet, a GET To-Do list.  These don’t have to be major items.  But, brain dump all that you want to do onto a list.  These items might be work items, personal items like reading for 30 min, or positive things around the house.  Regardless, don’t sit around thinking, “I want to do X.”  Write it down.
  3. Schedule your To-Do List:  Once you have all of your To-Dos written down, schedule them.  You would do this in your regular productive life.  So, you know how important it is to schedule these items to get it done.
  4. Sleep and Relax:  Anxiety about change causes exhaustion.  Exhaustion breeds anxiety.  You need to sleep.  We know that sleep is a major fighter against anxiety.  Also, take some time to relax.  Micro relaxation can help you reset your brain and come back bigger, faster, and stronger.
  5. Avoid screen time:  Turn the screen off.  The news and social media are full of negativity.  Separate yourself for a period of time.  You will thank yourself.
  6. Focus on the positives:  You need positive support during this major change.  Give yourself some credit for the small positives in your life.  Start a gratefulness journal to help you focus on what matters and the silver linings.

It’s just Adversity

When you get down, remember, this is just adversity.  You choose how much this adversity will impact your life in the long run.  You can embrace it and use it as a chance to become better.  Or, you can let it knock you down.  Adversity is unavoidable.  Try not to judge this adversity as bigger or smaller than other adversity.

For more information on this topic and further discussion on the above six steps, check out the podcast episode.