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December 2014 Athlete of the Month

By December 5, 2014No Comments

One of the great things about Industrial Athletics is our Community.  Starting this month, we are going to honor one person from that Community as the “Athlete of the Month.”  This athlete is not necessarily the best at the gym or the person who is in the best shape.   The athlete of the month will be someone who exemplifies Industrial Athletics through such qualities as arriving to class on time, showing respect to our coaches, pushing himself/herself to be better, encouraging others, have a positive mental outlook, bringing that positive mental outlook to each and every workout, and showing a strong sense a community inside and outside of the gym.

The first Industrial Athletics Athlete of the Month is:


1.     Where are you from originally?
Hartstown, PA (near Conneaut Lake) (halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie near Meadville)
2.     If not from Pittsburgh, what brought you to Pittsburgh?
I moved to Pittsburgh to attend Computer Tech (1 year tech school).  I found work, finished my BA in Comp Sci, and never left.
3.     Where do you work?
I am the Network Administrator (computer geek) for Triangle Fastener Corporation

4.     What is your favorite hobby?
Historical and non-historical miniature war-gaming (its like board gaming without a board)
5.     How did you discover CrossFit?
A co-worker recommended I look for a Groupon for a yoga class (to exercise and meet women) and got one for Industrial Athletics because it is 3 blocks from my work.
6.     When did you start CrossFit?
June 2014
7.     Why did you start CrossFit?
I was 5’8″, 290lbs with high blood-pressure, high-cholesterol, at risk for diabetics, sleeping poorly, and generally very unhealthy.  I was badly in need of exercise and to improve my health.  I have lost 50 lbs (and continuing to lose), blood pressure back to normal, good cholesterol, sleeping well and probably the best health in 20 years.
8.     What is your favorite thing to do in CrossFit?
The foam roller and stretching.  To me, it symbolizing that the WOD has been completed and also helps me work out the kinks and reduce muscle fatigue/speed recovery.
9.     What is your least favorite thing to do in CrossFit?
Going to have to go with the burpees, they were my worse enemy when I started.  My second month of class (July) had a lot of burpee drills and birthday burpees.
10.  What is the number 1 thing you want to get better at?
Working on endurance, the bane of all the “out of shape”.  My current goal is to move from Road Sprints to 500m Jog when Spring returns.
11.  What is your favorite part about coming to CrossFit at Industrial Athletics?
The encouragement and community spirit, exercise is made easier when shared.